What’s in the Program

The So Happy to Learn program is a multi-faceted and unique program for all ages of learners.
It is a bit of a challenge to cover it all on one page, but here it is in a nut shell.

The basic program for beginners consists of

  1.  A Beginning Reading Series which are simple to use how to read books with matching worksheets,
  2.  My Reading Book, (books you create with your learner)
  3.  High Interest Word Cards,
  4.  Read and Circle books, (books used as workbooks)
  5.  Writing and Drawing Notebook
  6.  Beginner Happy Sheet booklets
  7.  YES/NO and Question card Activities

Once a learner is a beginner reader they will continue on with the monthly happy sheet curriculum which target reading, writing, math, and drawing in a fun mix of what we now call happy sheets!

The goal of the program is to create learners that work independently on their Happy Sheets with no help and minimal guidance.
This is a brilliant process which encourages and promotes joyous learning and growth.

All program components are all taught using Mrs. Brown’s successful teaching tips which make learning a fun and successful experience!

The program grows with the learner through 3 levels of happy sheets packets, with a new one each month.
The pattern is the same to set the learner up for success.  The content changes each month.
New books and activities are periodically added as well.    

The core activities of the program are then adapted to our learners as their skills increase.
We make more complex my reading books and our word cards increase and our question game and cards become more challenging in a fun way.

I often receive emails asking if the program is for learners who are already reading and writing. My reply is if your learner does not happily sit and work independently or write expressively with passion and joy then you and your learner can defiantly benefit from So Happy to learn! 

Please always remember that each learner is a capable and unique learner and you will make adjustment for your particular learner.
Resist the urge to compare, everyone learns at their own pace.
I have worked with hundreds learners over the years and there was not a one I did not teach to read or write. Some take a while and some learn quickly.

“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop”  by Confucius is one of my favorite quotes.

Happy Learning!

~Mrs. Brown

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