Sample Content

Here is a sample of how a learner can progress using the methods taught in this program. Owen when he first started then again a few years later. A reader and happy learner is born! 

Owen when he first started…

…then again a few years later. 

A reader and happy learner is born! 

Izzy, 2013, learning to write

Izzy, 2022, is an artist

Samples of Beginning Reading Series, Books to download and the monthly worksheet packets.

Beginning Reading Series
Book Samples
Happy Sheet Packet
Completed Happy Sheets

This is a full sample of the content Mrs. Brown creates each month, titled “This Month at Mrs. Brown’s House”. It contains at a minimum:

  • A message to the parents and teachers on what is included that month and the intent.
  • A series of follow along videos for your learner, done in the same context as if the learner was attending a one-on-one session at Mrs. Brown’s House.
  • All of the materials and content used in the sessions above for you to print and reference.