Q&A with Mrs. Brown

Q&A with Mrs. Brown

Following are the most frequently asked questions we get from new visitors to this site. We hope this helps answer your questions!

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Q: What subjects does the program cover? 
A: Reading, writing, arithmetic, art, communication, manners, expressive speech, and most importantly it instills a love of learning and confidence. 

Q: What if my child already reads?
A: This program is great for children who are already reading. If your child isn’t working independently, enjoying the work and writing expressively then your child can benefit! We encourage you to start at the beginner level to build confidence. 

Q: What age should my child start?
A: The typically recommended age is four to five years old, but neurotypical and special needs kids as young as three are benefiting from the program. So Happy to Learn creates a great foundation for learning. Read more on our Who Can Benefit page.

Q: What grades does So Happy to Learn cover? 
A: At So Happy to Learn we do not think in terms of grades. We meet each learner where they are at with a goal of helping them enjoy reading and comprehending what they read, writing expressively, understand basic math and love learning.

Q: What if my learner is non-verbal?
A: The majority of So Happy to Learn learners are non-verbal and a significant percentage of learners have seen improvements with speech as a natural bi-product of following Mrs. Brown’s techniques. 

Q: Can I share the program with my learner’s teachers?
A: Many teachers have signed up for the So Happy to Learn program and are successfully using the So Happy to Learn materials and Mrs. Brown’s techniques with their students. Only those teachers who have studied the program should ever use the materials. 

Q: What happens if I let a teacher use the materials without the training? 
A: The materials are secondary to the techniques and philosophies that Mrs. Brown teaches. If the materials are used inappropriately, the learner will likely be quickly turned-off to the program and materials. We’ve seen it happen many times.

Q: How much preparation work is needed?
A: The biggest time commitment will be to learn the teaching process and you can expect to spend a minimum of 5-10 hours in listening to conference calls, watching videos and reading material online before you get started. After the initial introduction, most people spend an average of 20-30 minutes a week (some just an hour monthly) to print the materials for the month.

Q: How much time should I expect to commit on a daily basis? 
A: The ultimate goal is approximately 45 minutes per day. We encourage you to start slow to set the learner up for success. The So Happy to Learn program works great on-the-go while waiting in doctor’s office, sibling sports practices and long car rides. (Note: my learners have often chosen to spend hours at a time on So Happy to Learn materials. It’s amazing how excited kids become when they’re truly given the opportunity to shine with the expectation they will succeed!)

Q: How much prep work is needed?
A: The majority of your time initially will be spent reading the online training materials, watching videos, and interacting with Mrs. Brown and other parents in our online teaching groups. At first the program will seem complicated with a million moving parts, but before long it will be simple, second nature and life changing.

Q: What materials are needed to begin?
A: We recommend a great printer and paper. You will want to print the beginning reading books and some Happy Sheets packets to create a beginning Learner’s Box. The teaching groups offer great parent-to-parent tips for economical printing.

Q: What platforms does this site work on? 
A: While this site works across all mediums (phones, tablets and personal computers) we find that it is definitely easiest to use on a computer.

Q: What do I get when I sign-up? 
A: When you become a member of So Happy to Learn, you will receive access to a wide array of teaching methods, tools and video instructions, as well as an expansive library of So Happy to Learn books, Happy Sheets and new monthly curriculum.

Q: Now that I’ve signed up, where do I begin? 
A: Begin by visiting our Start Here (members only) page…. that will arm you with the tools you need and aim you in the right direction! Happy learning! 

Q: Should I also join the Facebook teaching group?
A: YES! We can’t be more emphatic… this is where the magic happens! There is so much content that it’s not impossible to get it all on this site. The So Happy to Learn Teaching Group on Facebook offers extensive training and demonstration videos you won’t find on this website, as well as excellent support, encouragement and tips from the So Happy to Learn team and parents who are using the program. Struggling on a topic? Stumped with a behavior from your learner? Upload a video and get fast feedback from the So Happy to Learn community. 

If you are not already a member and want to learn more about registering and becoming a member of the So Happy to Learn family, visit Join or Renew