About Our Program

There’s so much to share about the So Happy to Learn program and how it’s changing the lives of learners around the world!

The following pages have been designed to introduce you to Mrs. Brown and her So Happy to Learn program, answer your most pressing questions, and give you an overview of the materials and training offered.

A Letter From Mrs. Brown

I love my work.I am blessed. I teach many precious children born with Down syndrome, autism and a va…

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Who Can Benefit

Who can benefit? Learners of many different levels! If your child isn’t sitting at the table w…

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What and Why

How did So Happy to Learn come to life? Twenty years ago, Mrs. Brown was working in a classroom when…

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What’s in the Program

The So Happy to Learn program is a multi-faceted and unique program for all ages of learners.It is a…

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Sample Content

Here is a sample of how a learner can progress using the methods taught in this program. Owen when h…

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Mrs. Brown’s Podcasts, Conferences, and Interviews

Mrs. Brown shares her experience with working with her learners and how the program came about. Visi…

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Q&A with Mrs. Brown

Q&A with Mrs. Brown Following are the most frequently asked questions we get from new visitors t…

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I was sitting at my kitchen table scared out of my mind because I had made the decision to pull my d…

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