Baby Lilliana was due to be born in 2 weeks the day I connected with Mrs Brown. I had learned of her program through a friend & I knew immediately this was a woman I just had to know.

I reached out & was immediately welcomed & supported.
Once my baby was a few weeks old we arranged a time to meet.
Walking into her home that day felt like home, my prayers were answered.
Here was this beautiful soul that had devoted her life’s work to teach our children exactly the best way they learn.

I didn’t know at the time just how much I had to learn & Mrs Brown would become one of my greatest teachers.
I was eager to become Lilliana’s teacher too with the new tools I was learning.

That day was special, the tender moments of her holding my sleeping baby, all was right in the world.

Mrs. Brown and I stayed in touch & I followed her on FB, following the journey of other learners, I couldn’t wait to have Lilliana join her too.
When my daughter was age 2.5 Mrs Brown called asking if we could try out a session, she felt called that now was the time.

We were unsure of how it would go being the youngest learner to start her program.
We showed up & it went great!
To our delight Lilliana was an eager learner!

She is now almost 7 and we don’t know life without So happy to Learn.
I am confident that it has provided her the most success, she LOVES to learn, her speech development is all due to the program.

Lilliana’s expressiveness is just the BEST! Her confidence, well that’s everything! She is smart, focused & so happy to learn.

With Love and much gratitude,

Nikki Sunyich
Lillianas mom

Lilliana’s first session at 2 1/2 (April 2018)
Lilliana’s first few months doing So Happy to Learn (October 2018)
Lilliana, Esther Joy , Finn