We’ve been with So Happy to Learn for about a year. But, in all honesty, I really dove into the program with Kai over the past four months. The reason being is that I watched a video that Mrs. Brown had posted of Austin, another So Happy to Learn student, and I saw the similarities in Austin and Kai. Because of that connection, I realized that what Kai needed was to trust us to give him freedom of speaking without being corrected, to be able to write without us bombarding him with corrections on writing things properly. Kai needs to be able to express himself. That’s what we’ve always wanted for Kai, however, with the methods we were using, we were actually taking his voice away. That all clicked for me after watching Austin’s video.

Mrs. Brown has taught us how to teach Kai and how to empower him and give him his voice back. I’m starting to see, in Kai, the boy I haven’t seen since he was three. The boy that is proud of himself and wants to learn. Mrs. Brown has unlocked a type of learning that is magical and I can say that because I see it in Kai.
I would encourage parents and teachers to mimic Mrs. Brown’s teachings in the videos that she has made. She has it dialed in after 20 years. She truly is the expert.
She knows what works and I know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised just the way I was. This program has changed my whole family in the most beautiful way. Not everyone’s journey is going to be the same, but I can tell you that the results that Kai’s been having in such a short amount of time has been life changing for not only him but for me.

Sincerely, Heather Robinson