Let’s be honest, Izzy is a biracial female with an intellectual disability that can be easily recognized by her hallmark facial features. In this country, her opportunities are limited simply by the coding in her DNA.

It was shortly after Izzy’s 3rd birthday and we were having a very rocky transition from an amazing early intervention program into our local school district for services. We were feeling lost and disappointed. We felt like there was nowhere that she truly *belonged* in the cookie cutter public school system. However, we had decided early on that our goal for Izzy was full inclusion. We believe that regardless of her academic abilities, the best place for Izzy is with her peers. As we pushed for full inclusion, the criticisms came flooding in that she wasn’t *typical* enough to fit in to a mainstream setting and the school district was quick to point out all of the things she COULDN’T do.


I truly believe that our path to Mrs. Brown’s House was paved by divine intervention. One morning, in the midst of our transition, Izzy and I were walking her older brother to school and crossed paths with another parent who asked if we had ever heard of Mrs. Brown? It turned out that she was a parent at my son’s school who also taught yoga classes for some of Mrs Brown’s students. I found Mrs Brown online and reached out to her almost immediately. Mrs. Brown told me that she didn’t normally work with 3 year olds, but was willing to meet with us and just see what happens. That was over 9 years ago and now Mrs. Brown is like part of our family.

Mrs. Brown’s house is that special place where Izzy *belongs*. She feels both comfortable and confident within the protected walls of that magical house and learns skills that she can take with her as she navigates this crazy world. Mrs. Brown has taught Izzy how to read, how to write, how to do math, how to draw, how to moderate her behaviors and make good choices, how to give and receive compliments, and generally how to be a good human…to name a few. She has supported Izzy (and me) through good times and bad…including, most recently, puberty and her first crush 😍 Mrs. Brown is the epitome of finding your passion and doing what you love. She is a natural teacher and meets each learner right where they are at on any level on any given day and gently guides them to grow and blossom just the flowers in her beautiful garden.

Mrs. Brown has been the key that has helped to unlock Izzy’s potential. She has taught both of us how to keep learning fun and engaging and after all these years, I can say with certainty that Izzy is SO HAPPY TO LEARN with Mrs. Brown.