So Happy to Learn at Home


Using So Happy To Learn in a classroom setting has been such a great addition to my curriculum. Not only are my students more excited about learning, they are READING! The activities are not only challenging, they are fun for my students to do independently. I have seen so much growth in my class since I started Terry's amazing program and strategies. They are very easy to integrate into any grade. I'm So Happy To Teach each day :)
Elissa Spraggins
Special Education Teacher

My son is 7 years old and we are still fairly new to the program. Already, I am very encouraged by the fact that Michael enjoys doing his homework. Often he reminds me that it is time to work. This attitude is something new since beginning the program. Mrs. Brown has done a wonderful job in meeting the specific and unique needs of the learner with Down syndrome. My son is making great progress in beginning to read with the close one on one attention, the fun and attractive materials, and he loves to be able to watch videos of Mrs. Browns learners doing what he is doing here at home. I love all of the clever tips that Mrs. Brown has to offer in order to make this program work and also make it very user friendly. I am very thankful to have such a practical and useful tool to use that encourages a real love of learning for my son.
Thank you Mrs. Brown!
~Barb S

Your program has given me such hope for my son’s future. Your videos make his teachers sit up and pay attention. I can never thank you enough.
~Mary P

As a certificated teacher...I have attended several classes and training courses to prepare me for my position. However, I have found Terry Brown's program to be the most beneficial conference I have ever attended.
Christina C Barron
Special Education Teacher

She empowers her students with a love of learning and the confidence to grow.
Retta Slay

Terry Brown's unique teaching style reaches her students with ease and substance.
Gail Williamson
Down Syndrome in Arts Media

It is difficult to put into words the positive outcomes we have seen from the well presented "So Happy to Learn" program. Our son Simon, who has PDD-NOS along with Ds responds so well to all of Terry's techniques. He loves picking up his pointer, using his focus spray and reading "I did it", when he completes a page. After over year in the program Simon was able to read over 25 books and counting, some from the program and several that he made himself! Simon is currently working on phonics and likes the The I See Letters Book because he has the sounds mastered! He is also doing well with happy dots, which has been the first time he has been willing to do anything "math" related! Thank you, thank you for this wonderful program and your encouragement and love of our amazing learners!
Lilyan F

Terry Brown was totally instrumental in my daughter, Samantha, learning to read. She's an amazing woman, an amazing teacher, and an amazing advocate for people with Down syndrome. I feel very fortunate to have learned so much from her.
Rebecca Bates

Terry Brown changed our life. I am a Teacher of the Deaf and I knew a lot about what one should do to teach reading and math. Yet, I still could not put it all together to help my daughter Molly. In our first session, I knew I was watching a "genius" at work. Her calm, clear and intuitive demeanor brought clarity to Molly and myself. She was able to break down the steps of reading and math so that Molly could manage each step without becoming frustrated and even being excited about the work. As the next months grew into years, she became my mentor and I became her greatest fan. I have learned so much from her and even feel confident in many ways. Yet still, there is not a time when I am with her that I do not learn and always leave wishing I had that "Terry Brown extra chromosome". There are a lot of facts and books and strategies on how to teach children with Down syndrome, but there are few people who so genuinely "connect" the way Terry does with kids with Down syndrome. What a gift she is to our community
~Nancy Litteken
Founder Club Twenty One

Thank you for all of your support this year. Meeting with you really helped give me direction and ideas about how to help Luis really work to his full potential. I've found the resources you have sent me to be a great help in the classroom. The worksheets are a motivator for Luis and allow him to work independently and continue to practice his reading and writing skills. It has been so amazing and rewarding to see his immense growth in the short time I have known him. It just reinforces the concept that we're all working together as a team and together we can help a child more than any of us could do independently.
~Maggie Lopez
Third Grade Teacher to fully included Luis