So Happy to Learn at Home

Terry Brown, affectionately know as "Mrs. Brown" to her learners, has a passion and gift for teaching individuals with different learning styles, especially those with Down syndrome.

After receiving a copy of Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome by Patricia Oelwein in 1998, she was eager to try its methodology. 

Terry took the foundations she learned from Oelwein and developed them into a reading, writing and math program, now called "So Happy to Learn".

For the special learner, she has opened doors and broken barriers. 

Terry's techniques have facilitated successful inclusion strategies and added to the repertoire of tools available to teachers and paraprofessionals alike with great success.  Terry is an insightful and gifted educator.  Her students will read and write, and thrive in ways that many may never have imagined. 

Terry's reading and writing method is as applicable to the typical learner as it is to the needs of the special learner.


Terry Brown was named Down Syndrome Association of Orange County's 2001 Educator of the Year. 

In 2004 Mrs. Brown developed and taught a year long pilot program for DSAOC designed to help parents teach their children to read. 

In 2008 she was asked by DSAOC to recreate the program for Spanish speaking families, called the Mano a Mano program, successfully in it's sixth year.  

She has presented "So Happy to Learn" at workshops and conferences for parents and educators.

Mrs. Brown's House has welcomed administrators, teachers and other educational professionals eager to watch their students using "So Happy to Learn". The program has been enthusiastically received with teachers implementing parts of it into their classroom setting. 

It is Mrs. Brown's hope that all children with Down syndrome will be afforded the opportunity to read and reach their personal and academic potential as she has witnessed many times over what a gift this is to the child and their families.