So Happy to Learn at Home

My Reading Books

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Math pictures (88kb)

Math themed pictures

Happy or Sad pictures (45kb)

Pictures of happy and sad characters

fast food pictures (55kb)

Popular fast foods

Food pictures (68kb)

Popular foods

Assorted pictures (74kb)


Sesame Street pictures (29kb)

Sesame Street characters

fun character pictures (77kb)

Other popular kids characters

super hero pictures (23kb)

Some of the kids favorite super hero's

Sponge Bob pictures (25kb)

All you favorite Sponge Bob characters

Sports pictures (42kb)


animal pictures (46kb)

Lots of animals

insect pictures (30kb)

Lots of bugs

Dora the Explorer pictures (39kb)

Pictures of Dora the Explorer

Dogs with feelings pictures (23kb)

Dogs showing emotion

Cats in Color Pictures (28kb)

Cats of a different color

Cats in Action Pictures (31kb)

Pictures of cats

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Jeffs Books

Jeff likes to make blank reading books that he sells.