So Happy to Learn at Home

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
~Ignacio Estrada

The So Happy to Learn at Home Program is an online program that offers guidance and materials to parents and teachers so they can begin to teach their learner to read and most importantly love the process.

So Happy to Learn is an innovative and successful Beginning Reading Program that has been the catalyst for hundreds of children to enter into the wonderful world of reading. 

This program has been in a pilot process with many families for the past several years with positive reviews and feedback from parents and teachers.

The program has several components:

How to implement the full program in your home or classroom

You will get instructions on how to duplicate at home the methods Mrs. Brown has perfected with her many learners. It has often been referred to a “recipe for successful learning” So happy to Learn at Home shares that ‘recipe’ so you can modify and use it in your learning environment.

The Beginning Reading Series

 Nine books that can be downloaded and assembled

 The Word Book

 The I See Book

 The Animal Book

 The I See Letters Book

 The Colors Book

 The Shape Book

 The Numbers Book

 The See and I Want Book

 The ‘At’ Words Book

The Beginning Reading Series consists of  books that are simple and easy to master. Videos and instructions are included in each email. 

Beginning Reading Series Worksheets for each Book

Each book has corresponding worksheets. These worksheets target reading, fine motor, writing and math. They are simple and easy to master with the proper teaching method in place.

High Interest Flash Card Activity

Instructions and videos on how to use flash cards with your learner.

My Reading Book (Picture and Sentence Books)

You will learn how to create fun books with your learner that will develop reading skill, teach sentence structure and improve speech and language skills.

Make your own personal High Interest books and worksheets

Instructions and videos on how to make your own personal books and worksheets.

Lessons in teaching Writing

Mrs. Brown will share with you her techniques that have been instrumental in teaching children to become expressive writers.

Lessons in teaching Math

Mrs. Brown will share instructions on successful ways to teach math concepts.


Additional resources will be provided that blend nicely with this program.

Successful Teaching Tips

One of the most beneficial part of the program are lessons on how to teach your learner for the maximum results, how to make learning a fun and successful experience!

There are many lessons on how to set your learner up for success.

Having worked with children with Down syndrome each day 6 days a week for the past 10 years Mrs. Brown has learned a lot and is happy to share her findings. All questions are welcomed and usually easily answered!

Monthly Curriculum

To not be overwhelmed it is best to stick with the Beginning Reading Series books and worksheets in the beginning as you and your learner are getting started. So Happy to Learn has an extensive curriculum for Beginners, Level 1 and Level 2. These will all be available to participants of the program.   

All lessons will be sent out via email with about 12 lessons in all.

They will also be available for you to login and view on the so happy to learn at home website.

Mrs. Brown offers assistance via email and is available for telephone consultations as well.

The program usually takes about one year but families can move quicker if they like. Let your learner be your guide.

Tuition for the program is 55.00. This is a discounted fee for the first group of participants.

Click here  to sign up.

Please email with any questions you may have or to inquire if this program is a match for you and your learner.

The program requires dedication, patience and effort but the results make all efforts more than worthwhile!   


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